Boris Baublys

Application Developer.
See examples of my developments
in the Google Workspace Marketplace.


Good Events Planner

The add-on is intended for those who plan events a lot and often.

  • export of events from Spreadsheet to Google Calendar;
  • import of events to the Sheet from the Google Calendar (by date, by keyword);
  • mass deletion of events.

Telegram Assistant

The add-on monitors messages in your Telegram group around the clock.

  • searching for keywords in messages and sending notifications when found;
  • automatic deletion of messages (for example, spam, hate or swearing);
  • automatic removal of the authors of such messages from the group and blocking.

Stock Buy Helper

The add-on for investors in high yield risky securities such as warrants.

  • downloading data from the exchange daily at the time you set;
  • sending an email notification if the volume of trading in securities on the stock exchange exceeds the threshold you set.

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