📢Empowering Content Management: Introducing Sheets Mirror App

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content management, Sheets Mirror App emerges as a game-changer, offering a seamless and efficient solution for individuals and organizations alike. Tailored to cater to the diverse needs of educators, students, administrators, and content managers, this innovative system transforms the way we handle web content.

🚀Effortless Integration with Google Sheets

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional content updates. Sheets Mirror App streamlines the process by facilitating direct data transmission from Google Sheets to your website. No intermediaries, no intricate coding – just a straightforward solution to keep your web content current and dynamic.

🔄Smart Sync for Uninterrupted Access

Worried about internet interruptions? Fear not. Sheets Mirror App empowers users with the ability to download and save data locally, providing uninterrupted access even in offline scenarios. The intelligent synchronization mechanism guarantees that your information is always up-to-date.

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📱Progressive Web App (PWA) for Anytime, Anywhere Access

Experience the freedom of managing your content on the go with Sheets Mirror App’s Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality. Whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device, this system ensures a seamless user experience across all browsers. Install it for easy access and enjoy the flexibility of working offline.

♾️Versatile Applicability Across Sectors

Sheets Mirror App transcends its utility beyond the realm of education. While educators and students benefit from efficient schedule management, businesses, community organizations, and event planners find value in the system’s simplicity for timely website updates.

🌐Domain Control for a Personalized Touch

One of the standout features of Sheets Mirror App is its commitment to providing users with control over their content. Unlike conventional methods, the system ensures that your published content resides on your domain, allowing for a more personalized and branded online presence.

🔗Getting Started – Your Path to Effortless Content Management

Embark on a journey of simplified content management with Sheets Mirror App. Visit our website, explore the intuitive features, and witness firsthand the transformation of Google Sheets data into a dynamic, responsive web presence.

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Join the growing community of satisfied users who have embraced efficiency and ease with Sheets Mirror App. Elevate your content management experience – because managing information should be as straightforward as it sounds.

This is the text I received from ChatGPT when I asked her to write a publication for the site. This is after my last demand for ChatGPT “Less pathos”.😎 Not ice, of course, but it’s still all right. Before that, she generally gave out options in the style of an American traveling salesman of the 50s advertising vacuum cleaners. “Revolutionizing Content Management”, “Join the ranks of experts who have embraced the analytical sophistication and operational elegance of Sheets Mirror App”, etc.

— ChatGPT, storytelling?
— No, I didn’t hear it.

Naturally, first I fed her preliminary information, like this:

I developed a system and called it Sheets Mirror App.

Data from Google Sheets is transferred to a web page on the user’s website. For this, a script deployed as a web application is used. This allows you to instantly make changes to the site. This way, an intermediate link is eliminated, for example, such as an employee — a web programmer, to whom the user transfers content for posting on the site.

Imagine how the process of regularly updating price lists or schedules will now speed up!

Of course, you know the standard Google Sheets method — the “File / Share / Publish on the Internet” menu. However, this method has several important disadvantages.

Firstly, the published content is located in the Google domain (links to https://docs.google.com/…), and not in the user’s domain.
Secondly, each sheet of the published spreadsheet is placed in full.

Sheets Mirror App does not have these shortcomings. So, the web page is located on the user’s website (domain). In addition, it is possible to select a publication range on the sheets. Also, in addition to instantly making changes to the site, Sheets Mirror App can work without the Internet!

This is because the webpage is a Progressive Web App (PWA). This is also why it works in all browsers, including mobile devices.

When opening the page for the first time, the user is prompted to download and save data from Google Sheets. He will also be able to install the application on the device.

In the future, the user, even in the absence of the Internet, can open the application and use previously downloaded data. For example, a student can view the class schedule even in an elevator or in an underground parking where there is no Internet.

When the Internet comes back, if a web page finds new data in Google Sheets, it will prompt the user to download it. Thus, the user will always have up-to-date information.

The intended target audience of the system: employees updating price lists; schedule makers; educational and methodological workers of universities; students; schoolchildren, etc.

Not quite clear? For a better understanding, you can watch this video.

I asked ChatGPT: «Who else would be interested in using my system? Describe the target audience of the system».

ChatGPT described the target audience as follows:

Your system, Sheets Mirror App, seems tailored for individuals and organizations seeking a streamlined and efficient method of updating website content from Google Sheets. The target audience includes:

Educational Institutions: Professors, educational administrators, and methodological staff at universities who need to update schedules, course information, or other content on their websites.

Students: Students can benefit from accessing up-to-date schedules or information even without an internet connection, making it convenient for them to stay informed on the go.

Schools and School Administrators: Similar to universities, schools and their administrators can use the system for timely updates to websites, particularly regarding schedules or announcements.

Web Developers or Small Businesses: Individuals or businesses with websites who want a user-friendly way to update content without the need for a web programmer.

Any Entity Managing Schedules: Companies or organizations dealing with schedules, such as event planners, can find value in efficiently updating and displaying schedule-related content.
Remote or Offline Users: Users in areas with intermittent internet access can benefit from the system’s ability to work offline and sync with the latest data once a connection is restored.

Overall, your system caters to a diverse audience, offering a solution that simplifies content management and ensures accessibility in various scenarios.

Anyone who has interacted with ChatGPT knows that it can stop if the response size approaches the limit. Then, using the magic word Continue, you can make it continue. It also helps to force her to reformulate her answer or come up with a new solution.

After my Continue, ChatGPT gave another answer to the question about target audience:

Freelancers or Small Businesses with Limited Resources: Individuals or small businesses without dedicated web development resources can leverage your system for easy and quick website updates.

Community Organizations: Non-profits, clubs, or community groups can use Sheets Mirror App to manage and share information on their websites without relying on technical expertise.

Multi-location Businesses: Companies with multiple locations can benefit from the ability to update information across various branches efficiently.

Event Organizers: Professionals organizing events, conferences, or seminars can utilize your system to keep event details current on their websites.

Administrative Personnel in Various Fields: Professionals in administrative roles across different industries, such as HR managers updating employee schedules or corporate announcements, can find value in your system’s simplicity.

Language Schools or Training Centers: Institutions offering language courses or training programs can use Sheets Mirror App to update class schedules and information on their websites.

In summary, your system caters to a wide array of users, offering a versatile solution for those who need to manage and update website content efficiently, particularly when it involves dynamic data like schedules or announcements. The simplicity and flexibility make it appealing to a broad audience with diverse needs.

Am I the only one who thinks ChatGPT handled the second task more successfully than the first? In my opinion, she understood the target audience better than the description of the system. Although she did not guess about the menu of restaurants and cafes, I came up with it myself  😉

Anyway. Here’s a link to see what it looks like.

You can install the application and then launch it not from the browser address bar, but using the icon.
You can also check how it works without the Internet. To do this, just turn on airplane mode ✈︎ on your phone.

In the meantime, I’m preparing a sequel. In the coming days, I plan to publish instructions in 2 parts on how to independently implement such a system.

In the 1st part I will publish the script codes for the Google spreadsheet and web page. I will also provide a link to a template that you can use immediately.

Then, in Part 2, I’ll show you how to turn a web page into a PWA so it can work offline.

  1. Installing Sheets Mirror App
  2. Sheets Mirror App: PWA

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